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Diameter AAA Server
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Diameter AAA Server

It can serve Diameter based clients embedded in soft-switches, call control servers and application servers in next generation telecommunication environments. It implements the following standardized Diameter applications:

  • The Authentication Application implements SIP Digest authentication procedures as defined in Diameter SIP Application (RFC 4740) for SIP based clients that use Diameter for Authentication.
  • The Authorization application implements Authorization procedures as defined in Diameter Credit Control Application (RFC 4006).
  • The Accounting application implements the basic Accounting state machine and AVPs as defined in Diameter based protocol (RFC 3588). This Application is extensible and support for new AVPs can be easily added as required.

The implementation is highly scalable, high performance and supports high availability with 1+ 1 redundancy for carrier class environments.

Salient features:

  • Support for AA-Request, AA-Answer, and ACR diameter Messsages
  • SIP Digest Authentication Support
  • Extensibility for EAP and MobileIP4 applications
  • MySQL Database. Support of other RDBMS can be provided upon request
  • Supported Platforms: Linux/Unix , Microsoft Windows
Main Modules of Diameter AAA Server

This server hosts three Diameter applications for:

  • Authentication
  • Authorization
  • Accounting
Diameter AAA Server network diagram