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IMS Online Charging
IMS Offline Charging
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IMS Offline Charging

Offline Charging System is used in Next Generation Service Delivery Networks for the charging of service in non Real time fashion.

AdvOSS offers the IMS Offline Charging System based on 3GPP specifications for providing offline charging converged communication services.
IMS Offline Charging System is built with a fully modular approach therefore is easily extensible. IMS Offline Charging System has been implemented using the high performance asynchronous application development framework called AMPS (Asynchronous Middleware for Protocol Servers). As IMS Offline Charging system is based on Diameter and 3GPP specifications, integrating it with any third party software that supports above standards is quite straightforward.

IMS Offline Charging supports
  • IMS Offline charging Interface i.e. Rf Interface (3GPP TS 32.240, 3GPP TS 32.296, 3GPP 32.299)
  • Accounting Request (ACR) and Accounting Answer(ACA) [ RFC 3588]
  • Support for Start, Interim and Stop Charging Events/Records
  • CDR logging into DBMS and ASN1 BER encoded files
  • Correlation Function for correlation of multiple Charging Records
  • Charging Gateway Function for communication with external Billing System
IMS Offline Charging network diagram