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IMS Online Charging

As the telecommunication world moves more and more towards convergence of services e.g. voice, IPTV, VoD, IM, Presence, Push to Talk(PTT and PoC), gaming and data, IP Multimedia Subsystem has emerged as the standard framework for delivering such services.

With such a diverse billing scenario, IMS requires a highly efficient Online Charging System that can meet the challenges of next generation converged telecommunication technologies.

AdvOSS offers IMS Online Charging system based on 3GPP specifications for providing real time credit control and charging for converged communication services. IMS Online Charging supports:

  • IMS online charging Interface i.e. Ro Interface (3GPP TS 32.240, 3GPP TS 32.296)
  • Credit Control Request and Credit Control Answer (RFC 4006)
  • Account Balance Management Function (Proprietary Rc Interface)
  • External Rating Function ( Re Interface Supported)
  • Charging Transaction Model Session Charging with Unit Reservation
  • Extensibility Support for Event Charging with Unit Reservation, Direct Debiting
  • Interface with Mediation engine

AdvOSS IMS Online charging can seamlessly replace or work side by side with existing billing systems, Intelligent Network or Business Support System.

IMS Online Charging network diagram