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Diameter AAA Server
IMS Online Charging
IMS Offline Charging
Radius AAA
Advanced Mediation
Advanced IMS Inc.
We provide a wide range of AAA and NMS products for conventional IP networks and specially IMS.
These products can be made part of any bigger solutions and are generic components based on 3GPP and 3GPP2 standards.
All of our products are interoperable with a wide variety of other network equipments, softswitches, Service Delivery Platforms, Billing systems and other dedicated hardware and software having required client sides built-in.
All products come with open interface and clearly mentioned APIs for easy integration within your existing setups. The architecture makes all these products highly scalable, fault tolerant and fail safe. Built-in high availability makes sure that the products are available even when any single point fails. Products have been demonstrated to be able to supportĀ  millions of subscribers and connections.
We also welcome vendors who would like to bundle our products into their own product lines.